Kindness Etiquette

  1. Openness: Participation in the Open Innovation Platform of Steyr 2030 is available to everybody.
  2. Respect: Appreciation and constructive criticism are preconditions for discussion.
  3. Identity: Participation is only possible under real names of individuals or verified groups (e.g. schools or workshops)
  4. Transparency: Anybody who is acting on behalf of a third party or initiative or on behalf of any other interested group on the platform has to announce it openly.
  5. Honesty: Whoever is adapting any pre-existing contributions has to state his sources.
  6. Democracy: Racist, sexist, abusive, slanderous, hateful and anti-democratic contributions are excluded.
  7. Equality: All participating people are equal regardless of profession, title or function of the individual involved.
  8. Scientific Basis: Esoteric and science-hostile contents are excluded.