The Management is the first point of contact for companies in the Technology and Innovation Centre Steyr (TIC).  As the coordinator of the network Smart Innovation Steyr the TIC promotes innovation for firms and individuals from the whole region. 

Offers for rent:

Whether an office, a conference/seminar room or a co-working space is needed – the TIC has the optimal room for small and medium enterprises or start-ups. 


14.09.17 IT-Security Summit Steyr 2017

Smart Innovation | Stadtgut-Steyr | Steyr Innovativ | Tic-Steyr

18.09.17 Stammtisch 4.0 mit PROFACTOR

Smart Innovation | Stadtgut-Steyr | Tic-Steyr

11.07.17 Innovative Umwelttechnik aus Steyr für die internationale Stahlindustrie

Stadtgut-Steyr | Tic-Steyr | Wirtschaftsstandort Steyr